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SRA updates guidance on Transparency Rules
5 August 2021

The SRA has this week updated its guidance on the Transparency Rules. This now includes factors to consider if you are using an online quote calculator for conveyancing matters.

The SRA have also emphasised that they will continue to tackle non-compliance with the rules and are about to contact a further 8,000 firms, asking them to sign a declaration that they are adhering to the Transparency Rules. The SRA will also continue to check firms’ website and take disciplinary action against those found not to be following the rules. Fines of up to £2,000 have already been issued against a number of firms.

The SRA wants to ensure potential clients have accurate and relevant information about a solicitor or firm. The wider issue is that the profession as a whole was told to improve transparency by the Competition and Markets Authority following its review in 2016, which concluded there was insufficient information in the public domain for people to make informed choices.

Click here to view the SRA’s updated guidance.

If you are unsure what information the rules require you to publish, or if you would like us to review your website for compliance with the rules, please contact us.

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