Law firm Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you considering a merger or the acquisition of another firm?
We make sure due diligence is carried out properly
and risks to compliance are addressed.

Law firm Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are contemplating a full-scale merger with another law firm, or taking over all or part of another firm, lack of proper forward planning, particularly in relation to risk, can lead to problems which far outweigh the benefits.

We work with the acquiring firm to test regulatory compliance at the target firm, with particular focus on financial stability together with a wide range of pre-merger duties. We ensure that the merged firm has addressed the range of compliance risks posed by the merger and is best placed to operate in a consistent and efficient way.

Where an acquisition takes place, the SRA does not need to approve the change. However, we can advise you on making updates to your firm’s records and assist with the necessary notifications and applications.

For a merger, the new body will need to apply to the SRA for authorisation as a recognised or licenced body.

Learn more about how we can guide you through the SRA application process for authorisation.

What our clients say

Andrew has done some extremely useful due diligence work for us when we acquired a local firm. He attended their premises and examined all relevant areas, checked accounts, ledgers and balances, looked in detail at the firm’s financial viability and highlighted any areas of concern.

Suzanne Lee
Partner, mfg Solicitors LLP