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AML – Treasury announces amended list of high risk countries
2 November 2021

HM Treasury have published new legislation following the recent FATF decision to add Turkey, Mali and Jordan to the list of high risk third countries. Under the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations (regulation 33(1)(b)), enhanced due diligence (EDD) is mandated for any business relationship with a person established in a high-risk third country.

The list of high-risk countries is set out in schedule 3ZA of the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.

Botswana and Mauritius are now longer subject to increased monitoring, whereas Turkey, Mali and Jordan have been added to the list. As of 2nd November, the following countries are to be treated as high risk:

1.  Albania

2.  Barbados

3.  Burkina Faso

4.  Cambodia

5.  Cayman Islands

6.  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

7.  Haiti

8.  Iran

9.  Jamaica

10.  Jordan

11.  Mali

12.  Malta

13.  Morocco

14.  Myanmar

15.  Nicaragua

16.  Pakistan

17.  Panama

18.  Philippines

19.  Senegal

20.  South Sudan

21.  Syria

22.  Turkey

23.  Uganda

24.  Yemen

25.  Zimbabwe

To ensure compliance with the regulations, firms should update their AML policies and risk assessments and ensure relevant staff are informed.

Read the full announcement from HM Treasury here.

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